Session: Vitreoretinal Surgery

Chairpersons: A. Laidlaw UK , J. van Meurs DENMARK, A. Hari-Kovacs HUNGARY

14.30 J. Garcia Arumi SPAIN
Choice of retinal detachment procedure: Buckle vs vitrectomy vs pneumatic retinopexy, choice of tamponade agents, encirclement versus segmental buckle

14.45 D. Yorston UK
Expected RD outcomes: Complexity based outcome assessment: Euretina BEAVRS database results

14.55 J. van Meurs DENMARK
Macular holes: theory of evolution, traction vs bistable, size based prognosticaitons, surgery, peel and flaps, tamponade and posture

15.10 A. Laidlaw UK
Vitrectomy in diabetic retinopathy: haemeorrhage: traction versus proliferation, angiofibrotic switch, vitrecotmy versus more laser or anti-VEGF, vitreo macular traction/trd, avastin, delam, gauge wars, increased success with surgical evolution

15.25 D. Yorston UK
Combined phako vitrectomy, local vs general anaesthesia, peribulbar/sub tenons/retorobulbar blocks

15.35 Discussion

16.00 End of session


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