EURETINA Women’s Leadership Development Programme


In ophthalmology the role played by women is immense with more than 50% of ophthalmologists being female. Meanwhile, female representation at leadership level drops dramatically with only 10% holding leadership positions.

While other subspecialties, such as gynecology, has seen increased female representation it is sadly not the case within the ophthalmology.

Although more than 50% of ophthalmology peer reviewed papers are written by women, this is not the case in editorials where women are represented in less than 5% of cases.


The goal of the Euretina Women’s Leadership Programme is to fulfill the Society’s mission to nurture diversity in leadership at all levels in the field of retina.

In so doing, the programme aims to increase the profile of Euretina as a leader in scientific and social/scientific matters across Europe and globally.

In line with the ethos of the Society, the programme aims to educate the wider ophthalmic community by supporting the professional development of promising female retina specialists.


Commencing Q2 2021, the committee will meet virtually on a monthly basis for the first 3 months of the programme. Thereafter, meetings will be co-ordinated on a quarterly or ad hoc basis. 

The programme will see the development of:

  • A yearly grant solely available to female physician-scientists under the age of 40
  • A long-term fellowship for women
  • A long-term lab-based fellowship for women

A virtual lounge will be established to facilitate gender-related conversation. This will also host a schedule of quarterly talks by experts who can assist in professional development and with whom female participants will be able to discuss gender related challenges. Specific topics addressed in this forum will include career development and leadership training.

Subject to sufficient funding, other resources such as executive coaching may be offered following selection of the appropriate mentors.

Industry Sponsorship

While the initiative will be supported by the industry, sponsors will have no direct influence over the programme content. 

Programme Leaders

First leaders of the programme are Anat Loewenstein, Nicole Eter, Caroline Klaver and Dara Conlon.

Contributions to the programme will also be sought from time to time from key male figures in the field of retina.


Registration opening soon for EURETINA Women’s Leadership Development Programme