In our Roadmap 2025 we set out our commitment to mentorship programmes that support the professional development of promising retina specialists in the early stages of their careers.


Mentorship Programme

We anticipate supporting six young retina specialists each year, from countries where retina science is both academically developed and developing. A mentor will support participants through virtual monthly sessions, networking opportunities and guidance on their retina careers.  

You must be a member to apply for a mentorship.

Additional information to follow

Women in Retina programme

Women in Retina is a one-year leadership programme that will include long-term fellowships, as well as annual grants for under-40s females.

The programme will be led by key women from within and outside the EURETINA Board. 

The programme’s ambition is to build and nurture an essential platform for gender-related conversation, as well as organised talks on career development and leadership training for women.

You must be a member to apply for the Women in Retina programme. 

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