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The EURETINA Virtual Exhibition will take place over three days, from Friday 2nd October to Sunday 4th October 2020. The Organiser is the European Society of Retina Specialists (EURETINA). The Exhibitor is the company that completes and submits the application for virtual booth opportunities. All communications regarding exhibition space must be channelled through the EURETINA Exhibition Department and orders for virtual booth opportunities will only be accepted online via the Virtual Exhibitor Resource Centre (ERC). Companies wishing to have adjacent or shared spaces must submit their requests during the booking process. Companies with outstanding balances from previous meetings must clear all amounts due before the Virtual Exhibition application will be processed.

Priority points are awarded to early-bird bookings (prior to August 10th).
An email confirmation including payment information will be automatically issued when booking is completed.

Registration for booth & sponsorship packages at the EURETINA 2020 Virtual Exhibition is now open.

*New account required unless a booking for the EURETINA Winter Meeting in Vilnius has been created.

Once space is reserved you will have entered into a contract with EURETINA. Please note all cancellation policies carefully.

Exhibition Schedule:

Thursday 1st October: 12.00 – 18.00 (CET) No scientific programme. Attendees are being encouraged to login and familiarise themselves with the platform and visit the exhibition.
Friday 2nd October: 09.00 – 18.00 (CET)
Saturday 3rd October: 09.00 – 18.00 (CET)
Sunday 4th October: 09.00 – 14.00 (CET)

Virtual Booth Opportunities:

The virtual booth cost depends on the chosen exhibition package and provides various sponsorship opportunities at the 2020 virtual congress and exhibition. Technical information will be available online via the Virtual ERC to all registered Exhibitors from late July.

Payment Information:

The virtual booth space cost depends on the chosen exhibition package. These packages include a range of virtual sponsorship opportunities  and can be purchased via the Virtual Exhibitor Resource Centre (ERC).

Optional add-ons and promotional opportunities can be purchased at an additional cost via the Virtual Exhibitor Resource Centre (ERC).

Payment may be submitted via wire transfer or credit card. Please note that credit card details must be submitted to complete the booking process, regardless of which payment method will be used.

Terms of Payment

• 100% booth space balance payment due upon submission of the booking.
• In the event that full payment remains outstanding 30 days after the booking has been submitted, the Organiser reserves the right to re-allocate bookings and apply the cancellation policy.

The Exhibitor shall undertake to pay to EURETINA all costs related to the supply and provision of the virtual services to the Exhibitor, and their agents, for participation in the Virtual Congress and Exhibition. Please note that Exhibitors are responsible for their own transaction fees when submitting payments and these must be included in all payment amounts.

Additional Booth Information

Cancellation Policy

Notification of cancellation of booth space must be submitted to the EURETINA Exhibition Department in writing and will only be deemed accepted once written acknowledgement has been confirmed. Upon cancellation of the booking all associated services will be withdrawn, including exhibitor badges and virtual meeting rooms.

A 100% cancellation fee will apply upon the submission of the booking, regardless of whether payment has been submitted or not.

In the event that outstanding cancellation balances are not submitted within 30 days, these will be charged to the credit card registered to the ERC account. This also applies to all related services ordered.

Allocation of Virtual Booths

Exhibition booths will be assigned in August 2020, once payment has been received. The confirmation of booth space URL and positioning will be issued by email. Please note that requests for placement near or away from other exhibiting companies may limit booth space positioning. Booth space allocations and further details will be issued when the full booth space payment has been received.

Alterations in the Regulations

The Organiser reserves the right to alter the present regulations with immediate effect in the event that orders from the Authorities or other compelling reasons might make it necessary.

Alteration of Positioning and Size of Virtual Booths 

The Organiser shall be entitled to alter the virtual space rented by the Exhibitor and to undertake limitations of the rented area. Such limitations can only be made against a corresponding reduction of the booth space rental but shall not render the Organiser liable to pay compensation.
Furthermore, the Organiser shall be entitled, within thirty days after the receipt of the online application and deposit, without assigning any reason and without incurring liability to damage, to cancel the lease entered into against reimbursing any booth package cost paid at the time of cancellation. Exhibitors are not permitted to sublet their virtual booth space or lend it to a third party in part or in whole. Exhibitors may not exchange booth spaces without the prior written consent of the Organiser.

Content Uploads and Management in Virtual Booth Space 

All Exhibitors will be provided detailed instructions to access and build their virtual booth.  All virtual booths will have a choice of booth design templates, in conjunction with a of number of upload sections and content limits, depending of the Exhibitor’s chosen package. All Exhibitors are strongly recommended to fill all the provided spaces with relevant documents and high-resolution visuals in order to engage the visitors and gain the maximum return of investment during the 2020 virtual exhibition.

The live virtual exhibition will take place from 2nd to 4th of October, thus all registered and fully paid virtual booths will be visible to visitors during this timeframe. All exhibitors will have an option to avail of the booth and platform chat functionality and it is strongly recommended that the exhibiting company will have knowledgeable staff managing the chosen/ available chat functions for the duration of the event.

Exhibitor Badges

Each registered exhibitor is entitled to a complimentary allocation of exhibitor badges which are provided as part of each package. Exhibitor badges provide full access to the scientific programme as well as the exhibition.

Following rules apply to all Exhibitor badge registrations:

Ophthalmologists must hold the appropriate Delegate registration and may not be registered for virtual exhibitor badges, unless direct and full-time employees of an exhibiting company. In these cases, documentation providing proof of employment will be required to be forwarded prior to event.
Badge swapping and/or sharing of virtual exhibition access badges is prohibited and will not be tolerated.
All attendees will be allocated personalised sign-in details.

Companies found to be engaging in practices which contravene the regulations will incur booth space allocation penalties for future meetings and will forfeit all booth space Priority Points. It is the responsibility of each Exhibiting Company to ensure that each person registered for an Exhibitor badge under their company name is aware of all regulations governing Exhibitor badge registration.

Exhibitor Listings 

All exhibitors will be listed on the virtual congress platform and on the EURETINA website; provided booths have been reserved and paid in full.

The Organiser is not responsible for errors or omissions on exhibitor listings. All submissions are subject to the deadlines stated on the ERC.

Special Arrangements 

Special arrangements, if any, between the Organiser and the Exhibitor which are not included in the agreement shall only be binding when accepted in writing by the Organiser.

Priority Points System

Exhibition space is allocated based on a Priority Points System. Not only is this system deemed to be the fairest method of allocating space, it also offers a variety of avenues to promote individual companies. As corner booths and booths located close to entrances and catering points are frequently requested by companies, these spaces will be assigned according to priority points and booking and payment dates, in conjunction with the technical aspects of the exhibition hall.

Points can be accrued through participation in previous EURETINA exhibitions, advertising in Congress programmes, advertising in EuroTimes, and through a variety of sponsorship options including the EuroTimes Satellite Education Programme, wetlab sponsorship and sponsorship of congress activities including delegate bags and the congress wi-fi.

The 2020 exhibition will take place in virtual format; thus, opportunities will be different in comparison to live event, but priority point system will remain in place. 50 Bonus Priority Points will be awarded if booking and payment processes are completed by August 3rd 2020.  Booking will however remain open past this date.

All exhibiting companies are generally evaluated according to points earned during the preceding calendar year. However, due to uncertain global circumstances and transition from live exhibition in Amsterdam to virtual format, all points earned during 2019 and 2020 EURETINA events will be taken into account when applying for 2021 exhibitions.

Priority Points System – Rules & Regulations
Exhibition information for the following year’s Congresses will be sent to participating companies after each Annual Congress and the deadline for receipt of bookings and payments will be clearly indicated. Each booking will be assessed based on the number of Priority Points in conjunction with submission and payment dates.

To benefit from the Priority Points system, please ensure that you complete the online booking process by August 3rd 2020. Bookings received after this date will be allocated the virtual booth positioning as they are received, after completion of the initial space assignments. No additional points will be applied. Companies submitting the full booth space balance by the set deadline of 10 August 2020, will be granted an additional 50 priority points towards placement for the virtual exhibition. Virtual booth space allocations and further instructions will be issued via email in late August 2020 using the points accrued during 2019 and as per the level of the chosen virtual exhibitor package.

Where companies receive equal points and request the same amount of space or book an identical virtual sponsorship package, priority will be given to those companies who have exhibited at the three previous congresses. Where this applies to several companies, booth space or virtual positioning will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the dates the booking and payments were received by EURETINA.

Where companies have no points, space will also be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, based on the booking and payment dates.

Points gained from the purchase of exhibition space will not be allocated to companies until the beginning of the following year, i.e. companies that have exhibited in 2019 will have earned points for the 2020 Congresses; with the exception in 2021 where both 2019 and 2020 accrued points will be taken into account. Companies wishing to have adjacent or shared space must submit their requests on the official online exhibition reservation form. Please note that requests for placement near to or away from other exhibiting companies may limit positioning of virtual booth space. Please remember to include your requests when booking as it may not be possible to change the virtual booth space location at a later stage. Please also note that while we will endeavour to accommodate all reasonable requests this may not always be possible.

If you require further information, or would like to know the number of points accrued by your company, please contact the EURETINA Exhibition Department.

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