COVID-19 Phase 2: Questions and Responses

The accelerating phase of COVID 19 appears, thankfully, to have come under control. The medical horror that we saw, or were part of, in many Euretina countries is hopefully a thing of the past, although we all fear second and subsequent peaks.

There are now many questions relating to how to reconfigure and deliver services in the new reality of social distancing. Different Euretina countries have different care models and had varying rates of infection in their population. Some societies have very successfully suppressed clinical infection from a low starting point and are expecting a return towards normal. Others had much higher rates of infection to control and may have to stringently restrict mobility for some time yet. We are therefore not publishing guidelines, there can be no one size fits all.

What are presented here are opinions and reports on how things are being managed in different places. We are especially grateful to Prof Mario Romano from Milan for providing so many detailed and relevant insights.

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Infection Control: PPE

VR Surgery in COVID

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COVID-19 Institution Reports

COVID-19 PPE for Eye Care

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