Message from the President

Frank Holz

Prof. Frank G. Holz, FEBO, FARVO

University Eye Hospital Bonn
EURETINA President

Dear Colleagues, Supporters and Friends,

As we navigate together through the challenges presented by SARS-CoV-2, the EURETINA home-page will be updated to provide information relating to the impact of this pandemic on the retina specialist community.

As countries across the globe experience reductions in health care due to the current crisis, medical institutions are forced to urgently review the systems they have in place. We will share examples of how some institutions are handling intravitreal injections and surgical procedures at this time, and hope that these insights will help colleagues in Europe and beyond adapting to similar conditions.

While the content of such recommendations is largely based on general common sense, ophthalmologists may find the reports useful to guide their own actions, and assist in dealings with hospital boards and other institutions. Please note that your perspective is also of great interest to us and we invite you to share a report of your own experiences by email to, or you may use to share larger files. Your insights from the perspective of your own medical institution may prove valuable to our members and followers who may be struggling with similar problems.

Wishing you, your families and your medical colleagues, health and well-being at this difficult time.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Frank G. Holz, FEBO, FARVO
President, EURETINA

COVID-19 Phase 2: Questions and Responses


There are many questions on how to reconfigure and deliver services in the new reality of social distancing. As care models and rates of infection differ from place to place, there is no one size fits all answer.

Here we present a range of useful opinions and reports in response to some crucial COVID 19 questions.

Questions & Responses

COVID-19 Institution Reports

COVID-19 PPE for Eye Care

COVID-19 Related Links

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