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Fri 01 0935

Diabetic Retinopathy

Chairperson(s): A. Laidlaw, R. Schlingemann, T. Peto, P. Kolar0935-1105 | Room: Zenit
Fri 01 1130


Chairperson(s): F. Holz, P. Kolar1130-1300 | Room: Zenit
Fri 01 1415

Vitreoretinal Surgery

Chairperson(s): J. van Meurs, J. Nemcansky1415-1545 | Room: Zenit
Fri 01 1600

Case Studies

Chairperson(s): A. Loewenstein, S. Wolf, F. G. Holz, R. Schlingemann, J. Nemcansky1600-1730 | Room: Zenit

This session will provide an interactive forum where cases are presented and discussed with the audience and chairperson. Given the nature of the format, cases will not be announced in advance of the session.

Sat 02 0830


Chairperson(s): S. Wolf, M. Sin0830-1000 | Room: Zenit
Sat 02 1015

Retinal Dystrophies

Chairperson(s): C.C.W. Klaver, P. Liskova 1015-1145 | Room: Zenit
Sat 02 1145

Quick-Fire Free Papers

Chairperson(s): R. Tadayoni, J. Garcia-Arumi, J. Heissigerova1145-1315 | Room: Zenit

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