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EURETINA Instructional Course Submissions


General Terms & Conditions

The goal of Instructional Courses is to provide participants with didactic information on specific subjects treated by experts in the field, and to leave a time lapse for questions and answers. Each applicant may submit a maximum of 2 instructional course abstracts.

The course organiser is the “Presenter” on the abstract submission form and will be the primary contact for all correspondence with the secretariat office. We recommend that there are two course organisers assigned per course, the co-organiser can be listed as the first speaker and highlighted in the ‘Course Schedule’ section.

Abstract Review & Evaluation

» All submitted abstracts will be reviewed before final selection is made with abstracts ranked according to their average score.

» The submission and review process applies to both new and repeat courses.

» New courses; will be judged solely on the quality of the abstract. Organisers of new courses should include in their abstract a brief CV and details of previous courses/publications on the topic.

» Repeat courses; previous evaluation results and feedback on the quality of past courses will be considered in addition to abstract.

» Specific topics that need to be covered in the congress programme will be taken into account when making the final selection of accepted courses. The decision of the committee is final.

» If your course is accepted, you will be informed of this by email by the end of March 2018 and later given a date and time for your course. Instructional course presenters who fail to turn up or arrange replacement course speakers will not be permitted to present courses at future EURETINA Congresses.

Abstract Submission

The online application form will comprise the following sections.

Format: The applicant will be asked to choose from different formats:
» All symposia should be 90 minutes in duration.

1. Didactic presentations with scheduled questions and answers managed by the course organiser.
2. Case presentations/discussion between panellists with audience involvement.
3. Hands-on skills transfer courses.

All courses should be 90 minutes in duration.

The title of the course should be clear but not exceed 120 characters.

Applicants are encouraged to submit a well delimited topic with practical implications. (For instance, ‘Advantages and drawbacks of various anti-VEGFs injection regimen in AMD’ rather than ‘Anti-VEGFs in AMD’)

Abstract and Outline:
(no more than 1000 characters)

» Course Description & Background: A succinct statement explaining the background of why this topic should be addressed at the annual meeting and outline of the subject to be covered in the course.
» Course Objective(s): defining the specific outcomes for the attendee and focussing on what the attendee should be able to do at the conclusion of the course
» Course Schedule: to include proposed speaker names, assigned presentation titles and approximate time allocation. This is how the course will appear in the programme if accepted.
» Recommended reading to include a maximum of 5 suggested readings.

» Speakers may include a one-paragraph summarised CV with their application.
» It is recommended that the number of speakers should not exceed 5, including the lead speaker/s. Four speakers seems optimal.
» All course organisers (presenters) are encouraged to stay throughout the duration of the course in order to interact with the panel and audience.
» All speakers are required to provide their financial disclosure.

Target Audience & Topic:
You will be asked to indicate if your course is targeted at:
Basic / Intermediate / Advanced level


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