IC-17 Surgical Controversies in Vitrectomy for Retinal Detachment

Course Organisers: P. Stanga UK, P. Stavrakas GREECE


P. Stanga UK 

Intraoperative Visualisation Technologies

R. Tadayoni FRANCE 
Intra-operative OCT: Is it a ‘must-have’?

S. Gotzaridis GREECE
Heads-up digitally assisted or through the microscope vitreoretinal surgery

New Developments in Surgical Techniques

Y. le Mer FRANCE
Management of macular complications after RD surgery

T. Williamson UK 
Posturing modalities

T. Wolfensberger SWITZERLAND
Management of residual subretinal fluid

P. Stanga UK 
Hypersonic vitrectomy

J. Garcia-Arumi
Retinal detachment complicated by PVR: pro 360 encirclement

G. Pertile ITALY
Selection of intraocular gases

C. Matteo SPAIN
Selection and removal of silicone oils

P. Tranos GREECE
Retinal detachment in uveitis and trauma

F. Patelli ITALY 
RD in high myopia

Economics of Retinal Detachment Surgery

Cost analysis of vitrectomy vs buckling

Surgical Management by the Experts: Interactive Discussion of Cases

P. Stavrakas GREECE
Discussion of clinical cases



End of course

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