Update Session 2: Retinal Vascular Diseases

Chairpersons: A. Loewenstein ISRAEL, R. Schlingemann THE NETHERLANDS 


P. Udaondo SPAIN
New developments in the understanding and treatment of choroidal vascular disease

R. Schlingemann THE NETHERLANDS 
Pathophysiology of macular edema, diabetic and other

N. Waheed USA 
OCT angiography in macular edema, diabetic and other

A. Loewenstein ISRAEL 
Management of diabetic macular edema in 2018

A. Augustin GERMANY 
Steroids in diabetic macular edema

J. García-Arumí SPAIN 
Surgery in macular edema, diabetic or other

G. Staurenghi ITALY
Imaging aspects of vascular disease



End of sesion


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