Retinal Infectious Diseases in the Developing World: Clinical Spectrum, Treatment and Management of Complications (BRASGRID)

Chairpersons: R. N. G. Vianna BRAZIL, F. B. O. Porto BRAZIL


R. N. G. Vianna BRAZIL
Infectious white-dot syndromes

F. B. O. Porto BRAZIL
The enigma of retinal vasculitis

V. Bravo-Filho BRAZIL
Ocular findings in congenital Zika virus syndrome

L. H. Lima BRAZIL 
Multimodal imaging in ocular syphilis

E. C. de Souza BRAZIL
Diffuse unilateral subacute neuroretinitis: multimodal imaging and treatment

M. A. Monteiro Frazao BRAZIL
Ocular toxoplamosis: diagnosis and management of challenging cases



End of session


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