Main Session 1: Ocular Oncology for Surgical and Medical Retina Specialists

Chairpersons: S. Seregard SWEDEN, H. Heimann UK


S. Seregard SWEDEN

H. Heimann UK
How modern imaging can aid in the differential diagnosis of small intraocular tumours

Intravitreal treatment of radiation – and tumour – associated macular edema

N. Bornfeld GERMANY
How to diagnose intraocular lymphoma – clinical presentation and biopsy techniques

N. Bechrakis AUSTRIA
Surgical resection as an alternative to enucleation in large uveal melanoma – risks and benefits

B. Damato USA
Prediction of metastatic disease in patients with uveal melanoma and screening recommendations

M. Sagoo UK
Critical evaluation of systemic, ocular and opthalmic artery chemotherapy for retinoblastoma



End of session


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