IC-39 OCT-Angiography in Clinical Practice from the OCTANE (OCT Angiography NEtwork) Study Group: Real-world Experience & Challenges

Course Organiser: K. Balaskas UK


R. Gale UK
OCTA interpretation and artifacts

I. Pearce UK
OCT-A in diagnosis of neovascular AMD

K. Balaskas UK
OCT-A for the follow-up and assessment of response to treatment in neovsacular AMD

F. Ghanchi UK
OCT-A in non-AMD choroidal neovascularisation

G. Staurenghi ITALY
Angio OCT in macular atrophy

A. Lotery UK
OCT-A in central serous chorioretinopathy

J. Talks UK
OCT-A in diabetic retinopathy

S. Sivaprasad UK
OCT-A in retinal vein occlusions



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