IC-4 Key Issues for OCT and OCT-Angio Interpretation

Course Organisers: A. Gaudric FRANCE, G. Staurenghi ITALY, A. Tufail UK


G. Staurenghi ITALY

Basics of OCT and OCT-A interpretation and nomenclature

A. The normal retina

             – Retinal and choroidal layers on structural OCT

– Retinal and choroidal circulation viewed by OCT-Angio

B. Examples of OCT and OCT-A Interpretation

– Drusen

– Retinal and choroidal atrophy

– Retinal angiomatous proliferation


 A. Tufail UK

Neovascular age related macular degeneration


Early diagnosis of CNV

Vascularized and avascular PED

Classification of CNV

OCT and OCT-A assessment of CNV treatment


A. Gaudric FRANCE

Central serous chorioretinopathy, macular oedema

Chronic and atypical CSC

Aspects of macular oedema and cystoid maculopathies



End of course

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