Role of Vitrectomy in Diabetic Patients in the Era of Anti-VEGF (Mediterretina Society)

Chairpersons: A. Nikolakopoulos GREECE, G. Fasolino ITALY/BELGIUM


T. Rotsos GREECE
Pathophysiology of diabetic macular edema

F. Boscia ITALY
DRCR protocols: IST and U new model of treatment for DME and PDR

L. Mavroudis GREECE
How early anti-VEGF in diabetic retinopathy

F. Patelli ITALY
Vitrectomy: How, when, why

Vitreous surgery for abnormal vitreomacular interface abnormalities in diabetic patients

S. Gotzaridis GREECE
3D surgery in diabetic retinopathy

C. Papadopoulou GREECE
Vitrectomy in vitreous haemorrhage

A. Nikolakopoulos GREECE
Heads up vitrectomy video



End of session


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