Chairpersons: S. Sheta EGYPT, K. Elrakhawy EGYPT

S. Sheta EGYPT
Vitrectomy for X-linked juvenile foveoschisis

S. Embabi EGYPT
Macular dragging and retinal detachment in an adult with FEVR

K. Elrakhawy EGYPT
Management of macular folds after vitrectomy for retinal detachment (RD)

M. Tawfik EGYPT
Subretinal escape of PFCL through the fovea during vitrectomy for RD

S. Sheta EGYPT
Traumatic macular tear

S. Elbaha EGYPT
Ultimate challenge in failed macular hole surgery

S. Embabi EGYPT
Autologous retinal transplant for tractional macular break post endogenous endophthalmitis

H. Hamza EGYPT
Pneumatic displacement of submacular hemorrhage – how to play it safe

S. Elbaha EGYPT
Autologous choroidal graft in huge submacular CNV

M. Tawfik EGYPT
Detach to treat submacular hard exudates in DME

H. Hamza EGYPT
Submacular cyst


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