OCT-A in Retina Disease & Innovations in Retinal Disease (AFIV Symposium)

OCT-A in Retina Disease

Chairpersons: A. Loewenstein ISRAEL, G. Querques ITALY


V. Capuano FRANCE
Quiescent CNV in retinal diseases

Neovascular area and vessel density comparison between 2 swept-source optical coherence tomography angiography devices

G. Querques ITALY
Nascent type 3 NV

S. Mrejen FRANCE
Sensitivity of 850nm SD-OCTA in detecting type 1 NV according to the height of PED

H. Oubraham FRANCE
Is OCT-A follow up different between PRN and T&E regimen in NV-AMD?


Guest Lecture

U. Chakravarthy UK
5 year results of the IVAN trial


Innovations in Retinal Disease

Chairpersons: A. Barak ISRAEL, F. Amoroso FRANCE


Phase I/II interim results of human embryonic stem cell derived RPE in advanced dry AMD

Autoimmune retinopathy: Presentation, association and outcomes

N. Mathalone ISRAEL
The effect of silicone oil tamponade on sub foveal choroidal thickness

F. Amoroso FRANCE
Peripheral navigated laser: Moving into clinical practice


End of session


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