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IRIDEX Corporation

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1212 Terra Bella Avenue
Mountain View, CA USA 94043
+1 650-605-4700

IRIDEX is a worldwide provider of therapy solutions for glaucoma and retina. Their family of lasers include the IQ 532™and IQ 577™ designed to perform traditional photocoagulation and repeatable tissue-sparing MicroPulse™ laser therapy with the added efficiency of the TxCell™ Scanning Laser Delivery System for multi-spot pattern scanning. NEW PRODUCT SHOWCASE - Cyclo G6™ Glaucoma Laser System with MicroPulse® P3 and G-Probe™ glaucoma devices for TSCPC.

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Interact Medical

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Interact Medical are a medical recruitment agency that specialise in the placement of high calibre locum doctors into the NHS and Private Sector.

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Insight Instruments, Inc.

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Starlene Haramia

Insight Instruments, Inc. has been dedicated to providing superior ophthalmic products and services for over 20 years. We manufacture and distribute quality instruments worldwide including the SUPER VIEW® Wide Angle Viewing System, disposable viewing system lenses (compatible with both the SUPER VIEW® and BIOM® systems), including the HTC (Hassan-Tornambe Disposable Contact) Lens, and the INTRECTOR® Portable Vitrecotomy System.

SUPER VIEW® Wide Angle Viewing System
SUPER VIEW® HTC™ (Hassan-Tornambe Disposable Contact) Lens
SUPER VIEW® Disposable Lens Packs
Intrector® Portable Vitrectomy System

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INCYTO Co., Ltd.

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Micro-needle(Needle size of O.D.: 40G) for Subretinal as well as Intravitreal injcetion.

[Brand name]
INCYTO Needle-RN, INCYTO Needle-VN, etc.

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Imagine Eyes

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Imagine will exhibit new advances in adaptive optics (AO) imaging at Euretina 2015:
- rtx1-e™ AO Retinal Camera delivers stunning ultrahigh-resolution retinal images through high-speed procedures. It also extends the usability of AO imaging for examining the optic disk and surrounding arterioles
- AOimage™ 3.1 software includes a new, powerful follow-up function, which makes it easy to track minute changes in the retina over time.
- AOdetect.Artery™ provides unique means to quantify the arteriolar structure with micron precision, in terms of wall thickness, lumen diameter, wall cross-sectional area and wall-to-lumen-ratio.
Visit our stand and see a live demonstration at Euretina!

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ifa systems AG

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Augustinusstr. 11b
50226 Frechen

The ifa group of companies is the leading health IT provider in ophthalmology offering a large range of solutions including electronic medical record (EMR) systems with interfaces to +450 devices, telemedicine applications and electronic data capture (EDC) systems for e.g. clinical trials.