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Main Sessions

  1. Vein Occlusions
    B. Corcostego SPAIN

  2. Imaging and biomarkers in retinal disease 
    L. Aiello USA

  3. Diabetic Retinopathy
    J. Cunha-Vaz PORTUGAL

  4. Innovative and Technology
    R. Tadayoni FRANCE, J. Garcia Arumi SPAIN

  5. Exudative AMD
    M. la Cour DENMARK

  6. Disorders of the Vitreoretinal Interface Symposium
    J. van Meurs THE NETHERLANDS, A. Laidlaw UK

  7. Physiology of Vitreous Surgery
    E. Stefansson ICELAND

  8. New Insights into Dry AMD: where do we stand?
    F. Holz GERMANY

  9. The World of Uveal Melanoma Biopsies
    S. Seregard SWEDEN, D. Pelayes ARGENTINA

  10. What to do? Decision making in challenging cases
    A. Gaudric FRANCE, B. Corcostegui SPAIN

  11. Regeneration - Degeneration
    G. Richard GERMANY, R. MacLaren UK


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