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Modified surgical technique for failed chronic macular holes

Session Details

Session Title: Vitreoretinal Surgery IV

Session Date/Time: Sunday 20/09/2015 | 09:00-10:30

Paper Time: 10:20

Venue: Thalie.

First Author: : O.Mohamed QATAR

Co Author(s): :                  

Abstract Details

PURPOSE:To report a new surgical technique for management of chronic macular holes that fail to close after first ILM peel surgery


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Following first surgery,a second surgery in the form of parafoveal induction of serous macular detachment followed by massage of the parafoveal tissue converting the round hole into transverse slit followed by one point mechanical closure of the temporal edge of the hole,application of one drop of autologus bood,fluid gas exchange and postoperative face down position.


in short case series of 4 patients with macular hole duration ranging from 1-5 years and size ranging from 750-950 microns,all cases closed after second surgery and visual acuity improved


surgical induction of parafoveal detachment may constitute an anatomical and functional solution of failed macular hole surgeries in selected cases

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