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Residual pockets of fluid after apparent resolution of rhegmatogenous retinal detachment: a case series

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Session Title: Vitreoretinal Surgery II

Session Date/Time: Friday 18/09/2015 | 08:00-10:00

Paper Time: 08:56

Venue: Calliope

First Author: : M.Bhende INDIA

Co Author(s): :    D. Das              

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PURPOSE:To report an unusual pattern of residual subretinal fluid( SRF) after apparent resolution of Rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RD)


Vitreoretinal service , Sankara Nethralaya, Chennai, India


Observational case series of 5 eyes that showed multiple blister-like residual pockets of SRF after successful scleral buckling (SB) – 3 eyes and spontaneous resolution of fresh rhegmatogenous RD (2 eyes).Fundus photography, autofluorescence imaging( AF) , fluorescein angiography(FFA) and optical coherence tomography(OCT) were used to rule out VKH syndrome or multifocal CSCR.


3 eyes had undergone uneventful SB for RD , 1 eye was noted to have total RD before presentation , 1 eye had post traumatic scarring, retinal dialysis and documentation of RD prior to examination. In 4 of the 5 eyes, the main complaint was persistent metamorphopsia after retinal reattachment. All 5 eyes showed multiple blister-like pockets of clear SRF scattered over the area previously documented as having RD including the fovea. No evidence of inflammation was seen. AF showed increased autofluorescence in the area of SRF. No leaks or disc stain were noted on FFA. OCT showed multiple localized neurosensory detachments. No intervention was advised. 4 of the 5 eyes reported improvement in symptoms with decrease in the height of the SRF pockets on followup.


Residual SRF pockets may delay complete visual recovery even after apparent resolution of RD. The picture may mimic VKH or multifocal CSCR and needs to be recognized as a self limiting condition that does not warrant treatment.

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