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Peschke Meditrade GmbH


Booth: N283 | website: www.peschkemed.com

We are presenting the CCL- VARIO. The CCL VARIO meets all surgical requirements for standard CXL for the treatment of infectious keratitis to express crosslinking for the treatment of keratoconus.

Medio-Cross ® M isotonic with 0.1% riboflavin and 1.2% HMPC. Our new standard isotonic solution.

Medio-Cross® TE transepithelial riboflavin solution has been developed to facilitate corneal cross-linking and to make it safer. It is being used on the intact epithelium and is less painful for the patient. In addition it reduces the risk of postoperative complications.

pfm medical ag


Booth: N281 | website: www.pfmmedical.com

FEATHER® MICIR scalpels,

disposable products for cataract surgery,

scalpels and blades



Booth: N224 | website: www.physiol.eu

Poly A 123 & Poly AY 123: preloaded IOLs for all dimensional situations Micro A 123 & Micro AY 123: the first preloaded IOLs for injection through 1.8mm incisions FineVision : the first trifocal diffractive IOL iPure & PodEye: two designs of hydrophobic acrylic glistening-free IOLs for microincision

Plusoptix GmbH


Booth: N297 | website: www.plusoptix.eu

Binocular, hand-held auto autorefractor plusoptiX A09 is especially designed to be used in infants and non-cooperative patients. Taking a measurement is fully automated and performed from one meter away within one second. A sound target attracts patient attention. Measurements include full refraction (sphere, cylinder and axis), pupil size, interpupillary distance and gaze deviation.

You benefit in two ways from incorporating a non-dilated binocular refraction measurement in the entry examination of infants and non-cooperative patients: First, you have a starting point for your cycloplegic retinoscopy and second, you safe valuable chair time by obtaining prescriptions, quickly.

Polytech Ophthalmologie GmbH


Booth: N314 | website: www.polytech-online.de

Cataract and refractive surgery • Intraocular lenses (Polylens®) hydrophobic and hydrophilic – also in yellow and with heparin coated surface • Preloaded (Platinum) • Multifocal lenses (OptiVis®) • Artisan® (Aphakie, Myopic, hyperopic, toric) • Artiflex® (toric) • Capsular tension rings - also preloaded Femtosecond laser • CATALYS™ Precision Laser System Others • Individual custom packs (Polyset®) • Hyaluronic acid (Polyhyl®, HSO®, HSO® Plus) • Methyl cellulose (Polyvisc®) • BSS solutions (Polysol®) • Surgical diamond and disposable knives • Hyaluronidase for anesthesia (HYLASE® "Dessau") • Sterile solution of purified Trypan Blue (Monoblue®) • AMD-dietetics • Liposomal eye spray



Booth: P345 | website: www.medtech.ru

Capsulorexis Forceps, Corneal Forceps, Iris Forceps, Suturing and Tying Forceps, Lens Forceps, Muscle Forceps, Fixation Forceps, Nucleus Forceps, Prechoppers, Corneal Scissors, Conjunctival Scissors, Capsulotomy Vannas Scissors, Suture Removing Scissors, Westcott Tenotomy Scissors, Phacochoppers, Hooks, Intraocular Manipulators, Phaco Spatulas, Eye Specula, Needle Holders, Cannulas, Irrigation-Aspiration Handpieces, Diamond Knives, Injectors, Retractors, Probes, Calipers, Curettes, Spatulas, Vitreoretinal Forceps and Vitreoretinal Scissors

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