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Spontaneous closure of full thickness macular hole - a case series

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First Author: V.Felcida UK

Co Author(s):    A. Kumar   A. Kumar   A. Mitra   A. Tyagi   S. Banerjee      0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To report series of 7 cases wherein spontaneous closure of full thickness macular hole occurred.To try and understand the natural history of spontaneous macular hole closure which may have therapeutic implication especially in the era of pharmacologic vitreolysis.To analyse any structural clues on Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) to suggest which Macular hole can spontaneously close.


Department of Ophthalmology,Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre,UK


We report 7 cases who were referred to our unit for surgical management of full thickness macular hole. All patients had complete ophthalmological examination and OCT at presentation in our unit.OCT was also done at the base hospital


7 cases included 4 females and 3 males. Age group ranged from 55 to 67 . All 7 Pts had full thickness macular hole stage 2 -3 . All 7 Pts showed spontaneous resolution of macular hole documented on OCT.5 patients had documented improvement in visual acuity where as 2 remained stable with no improvement even after resolution of macular hole.


Spontaneous resolution of macular hole stage 2 or more is not very common. Natural history of spontaneous macular hole closure is not yet fully understood but OCT has provided more structural details of the retinal layers .Having seen spontaneous resolution of macular hole without surgical intervention in our case series of seven patients, factors that can be attributed to spontaneous closure need to be determined,Further studies are required to ascertain this.

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