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To evaluate Improvement visual acuity and retinal thickness after laser treatment

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First Author: Y.A.Yilmaz TURKEY

Co Author(s):    G. Kaya                  0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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Retinal vein oclusion is the second retinal vascular disease after diabetic retinopathy .Branch retinal vein occlusion is a frequent lead to macular eudema , even ischemic forms neovascularisation and intravitreal hemorrage. The aim this study to evaulate the efficiency focal and gread laser treatment in brunch retinal vein occlusion patients in terms of retinal thickness


Sultanbeyli State Hospital , Department of Ophthalmology


Retrospective analysis of 18 eyes in 17 patients (one had bilateral ) with fluorescein angiography proven branch retinal vein occlusion, macular edema and either grid or focal laser treatment. Outcome measures were best corrected visual acuity in logMAR and central retinal thickness in OCT.


Visual acuity wasn’t change significantly after 8 to 10 weeks after treatment compared to visual acuity prior to treatment . Wheras macular thickness significantly changed(decressed) after treatment. Althought overall macular tickness was 478 M(± 120 M) befor teratment ,Follow up was measured 220 M(± 55M). Even thought there was major improvement in terms of retinal thickness last several months after laser teratment ; visual improvement was limitted.


Argon laser treatment is useful at retinal brunch ven oclusion especially with macular eudema cases in terms of improvenment retinal thickness. Yet ,the teratment isn’t so useful as increasing visual acuity.

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