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Radiation retinopathy: Case Report

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First Author: M.Franco PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    L. Cola├žo   C. Pereira   I. Gomes   R. Seldon         0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To report a case of radiation retinopathy nine years after proton beam radiotherapy for a choroidal melanoma.


We describe a case of a 55 year-old woman, who presented for clinical follow-up after nine years of proton beam radiotherapy for a choroidal melanoma in the left eye (LE).


The patient presented with a visual acuity of 10/10 in the right eye and no light perception in the LE. Anterior segment examination and intraocular pressures were normal. Posterior segment examination revealed optic neuropathy and proliferative retinopathy in the LE.


The retinography shows a pale disc, with vascular tortuosity and neovascularization, hard exudates and haemorrhages at the macula, and inferior nasal quadrant chorioretinal atrophy. The patient was treated with pan retinal photocoagulation.


Radiation is being used with increasing frequency for ocular and orbital disease, because of this factors which may potentiate radiation retinopathy should be well known including, increased radiation dosage, increased fraction size, concomitant systemic vascular disease and use of chemotherapy. Long-term follow-up of radiated patients by an ophthalmologist is important for detection of clinical signs of radiation retinopathy.

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