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Bilateral retinal branch vein occlusion-case report

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First Author: M.Franco PORTUGAL

Co Author(s):    C. Pereira   L. Cola├žo   J. Neves   R. Seldon         0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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Purpose: To report a case of bilateral retinal branch vein occlusion.


Setting: We report the case of a 71 year-old white men, who presented with decreased vision in both eyes. His medical history included long-standing essential hypertension.


Material and Methods: Best corrected visual acuity of 2/10 in the rigth eye (RE) and 5/10 in the left eye(LE). Biomicroscopy of the anterior segment was unremarkable in both eyes, and intra-ocular pressure was 14mmhg in both eyes. Fundoscopy showed intraretinal haemorrhages in the segmental distribution of a superotemporal retinal vein and macular oedema in both eyes. A few cotton-woll spots also can be seen in the LE.


Results: Fluorescein angiography confirmed the clinical picture with tortuous and engorged veins, hypofluorescence due to blockage by blood and mild hyperfluorescence at the macula due to leakage in both eyes. Optical coherence tomography showed the macular oedema and subretinal fluid. Carotid artery doppler revealed bilateral carotid stenosis.


Conclusion: Retinal vascular occlusions may result of locoregional ocular causes. They more often occur in patients with cardiovascular pathologies or risk factors, or sometimes other systemic diseases that need to be recognized for a proper treatment. Therefore, a comprehensive management of patients with retinal vascular occlusions is necessary to correct associated diseases or predisposing abnormalities that could lead to local recurrences or systemic event.

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