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Intra-vitreal dexamethasone / Ozurdex implant in retinal vein occlusions review of efficacy and safety in clinical practice 1 year results

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First Author: H.Cilliers UK

Co Author(s):    U. Thakur                  0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To determine the efficacy and safety of 0.7mg intra-vitreal Dexamethasone/Ozurdex implant in a cohort of patients diagnosed with retinal vein occlusions (RVO's). Whether there is any visual benefit in treating patients with longstanding >1yr RVO's, some of which have been treated prior with Ranibizumab/Avastin and/or Argon laser


54 eyes which had intra-vitreal Dexamethasone/Ozudex treatment for RVO's since October 2011 will have 2 year data by September 2014 and 28 eyes 1 year data. This study includes patients who had prior treatment with Ranibizumab/Avastin, Argon laser treatment or combination treatment.


Retrospective review of case notes from all patients treated with 0.7mg intra-vitreal Dexamethasone/Ozurdex implant at Warwick Hospital, UK. Demographic data also includes types of RVO's and information on prior treatments. Findings after treatment are determined by change in visual acuity (VA), change in central macular thickness (CMT) and increased morbidity from glaucoma and cataract requiring surgery.


The age of patients from 42 - 92 years with a mean of 70 years at 1st treatment
. Male=30;Female=38. 
CRVO=38; BRVO=35;HRVO=11. 
7 patients had bilateral RVO's of which 3 patients received treatment in each eye. 10 patients had longstanding >1yr RVO's while on prior treatment. Previous treatment: Ranibizumab/Avastin 34=43%; Argon laser 16=19.1%; combination 13=16.3%. 16=19.1% patients had glaucoma and 64=76.2% were phakic. The completed data by September 2014 will be discussed in detail.


It seems intra-vitreal Dexamethasone/Ozurdex treatment modulates visual recovery, however it is impossible to determine how much contribution is also part due to the natural recovery process. At some stage, inevitable chronic structural change results by which no further improvement in vision is possible despite continued treatment. It would be beneficial to know the moment when this takes place as this will determine decisions on future active intervention. Furthermore, because treatment of RVO's has morbidity where intra-ocular procedures, glaucoma and cataract are concerned, efficacious treatment is sought within the best timeframe for visual improvement. Further randomised controlled study is advised to determine this.

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