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Accidental macular laser burn in physics laboratory

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First Author: M.Stefaniotou GREECE

Co Author(s):    E. Christodoulou   K. Gorgoli   A. Dimitriou   E. Vourda         0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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The purpose is to present a case of an accidental macular laser burn in the university physics laboratory and the course of complications during a twenty month follow up.


Ophthalmology Clinic, University Hospital of Ioannina


32 years old PhD student suffered a laser burn in his right eye during the alignment of Nd: YAG laser of 800 nm wave length in the physics laboratory. Immediately after the accident visual acuity (VA) of the affected eye was 2/10 due to macular burn. Three weeks later macular hole was observed which resolved within two months while VA increased to 6/10. Τhe patient presented with sudden deterioration of VA eighteen months after the accident and fundoscopy revealed choroidal neovascularization with extensive bleeding surrounding the macula. Current VA dropped to 2/10. An anti-VEGF treatment was decided.


One and a half month after the intravitreal injection of the anti-VEGF agent macular oedema resolved and VA increased to 3/10.


Extensive laser burn in the posterior segment is a dynamic damage that can progress to various pathologic conditions at anytime. The attending physician must be aware of the dynamic nature of the burn in order to plan the suitable monitoring and treatment of the patient.

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