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Retinal arterial shunts- a new finding

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First Author: M.Kadifachi UK

Co Author(s):    M. Dogromaci   S. Rassam               0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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Presenting three cases with retinal arterial occlusion that had showed arterial shunts in the retina. The current concept is the non-occurrence of these vessels in the retina while they can be present elsewhere in the body under certain circumstances.


Eye clinic settings at different National Health Service Hospitals where there are clinical photography and fluorescein angiography facility in addition to pathology laboratory.


Three patients were presented with reduced vision in one eye due to retinal artery occlusion. One of them was with central retinal artery, while the other two had a branch artery occlusion. They had been diagnosed clinically. At one stage of the follow up they found to have a suspected arterial shunt. All the three had been photographed and had fluorescein angiography. Other clinical tests had been performed as necessary. All of them had been followed up in the clinic with various tests including blood tests to identify and verify any systemic disease that may have been implicated.


The presence of arterial shunts connecting two retinal arteries had been shown. The site for the occurrence of the shunt was at the branch retinal artery before their first division where they become end arteries.


Arterial shunts can exist in the retina of some patient in contradiction to previous thoughts of being impossible to happen. The presence of an inflammatory condition may enhance their development.

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