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Wide-field spectral-domain optical coherence tomography

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First Author: F.Pichi ITALY

Co Author(s):    F. Pichi   F. Bonsignore   P. Carrai   A. Scorza   P. Nucci      0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To describe an innovative technique for wide-field spectral-domain optical coherence tomography B-scans of the vitreous, retina and choroid and examine the morphologic relationships between these structures in healthy and pathological eyes.


Sixty consecutive patients with macular pathologies and twenty patients with normal fundus


All SD-OCT examinations were performed using SD-OCT (Spectralis; Heidelberg Engineering, Vista, CA). Standardized horizontal, vertical, and 2 oblique (supertemporal to inferonasal and supranasal to inferotemporal) sections were collected for each patient. For extramacular imaging, images were obtained from 8 locations: (1) nasal to the optic disc, (2) extreme nasal periphery, (3) superior to the superotemporal vascular arcade, (4) extreme superior periphery, (5) inferior to the inferotemporal vascular arcade, (6) extreme inferior periphery, (7) temporal to the macula, and (8) extreme temporal periphery. To examine the morphologic features of the entire vitreo-retinal interface, retina and choroid, wide-angle montage images of OCT from the macula to the periphery (approximately the equator) were composed with an experimental software.


Wide-field SD-OCT scans that extended from the macula to the equator, measuring 30 mm, were obtained in 20 healthy subjects, in 10 patients with central serous chorioretinopathy, in 10 patients with wet age-related macular degenerations, in 10 patients with dry age-related macular degenerations, in 10 patients with diabetic retinopathy, in 10 patients with macular pucker, and in 10 patients with macular hole.


The novel approach of montaging SD-OCT images to examine relationships between the choroid, retina, and associated structures adjacent to and outside of the macula may have a number of relevant applications in the study of vitreoretinal interface, paramacular, and macular pathologic features.

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