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Enhanced visualisation of retinal and choroidal changes in myopic eyes with SS-OCT

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First Author: S.Y.Lee SINGAPORE

Co Author(s):    L. Lim   G. Cheung               0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To show that the SS-OCT provides greater detailed visualisation compared to the SD-OCT in myopic eyes


Singapore National Eye Centre


Comparison of OCT findings in myopic eyes between the SD-OCT (Spectralis) and the SS-OCT (DRI Atlantis)


Both SS-OCT and SD-OCT were performed for 10 consecutive myopic patients. The refractive errors ranged from -2.5 to -19.5DS and axial lengths ranged from 25.96 to 35.41mm. The SS-OCT showed less image artefacts in eyes with posterior staphylomas. More vitreoretinal surface details and retinal changes eg.schisis were detected with the SS-OCT. The SS-OCT also provided more details into the choroidal thickness and the posterior scleral border was visualised in several eyes.


The SS-OCT is a new and invaluable tool in the evaluation of retinal and choroidal changes, particularly in highly myopic eyes

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