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Peripheral scotoma´s progression after peeling of epiretinal membrane

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First Author: M.Núñez SPAIN

Co Author(s):    M.P. Mendivil                  0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To describe our retinal findings after surgical peeling of epiretinal membrane. We have noticed that some patients in spite of good visual acuity recovery, they relate scotomas after this kind of surgery. That is why we have researched about this iatrogeny, which is barely described. We have documented those scotomas and their progression in time through photography, Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and perimetry.


Patients who have been operated for epiretinal membrane peeling through 23 G pars plana vitrectomy during the last 5 years and who have complained about peripheral scotomas along this time.


We show the lessions suffered in retina in the last 5 years by patients who underwent 23 G pars plana vitrectomy (with and without stain), peeling of the epiretinal membrane - inner limiting membrane and who months later complained of peripheral scotomas that progressed in time.


After inner limiting membrane peeling, in some patients we have noticed some objective peripheral retina lessions, such as peripheral retinal holes which are corresponding to scotomas in the perimetry and to the lession of the Ganglion cell layer as the OCT shows.


There are a lot of studies about the visual acuity recovery after epiretinal membrane surgery. But we have not found any study about the iatrogenic lessions suffered in retina in those cases. Through this poster we show the lessions in perimetry and Optical Coherence Tomography that we have found in some of the patients who underwent epiretinal membrane peeling and who complained about peripheral scotomas, in spite of very good visual acuity recovery. We want to encourage other Retinologists to research about this findings and to publish the results in order to remove any wrong step of the surgery.

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