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Present the case of a traumatic cataract with superior subluxation of lens

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First Author: A.J.Gomez escobar SPAIN

Co Author(s):    J.M. Cubero Parra   I. Relimpio Lopez   E. Esteban Gonzalez            0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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present the case of a traumatic cataract with superior subluxation of lens


departamen of Ophthalmology t. hospital universitario virgen macarena. Seville. Spain


case repost .anterior-posterior surgery


AP: Cataract by trauma in childhood, not underlying systemic pathology. BMC: transparent Cornea, iridodonesis, posterior synechiae in upper zone, premium, with lens subluxation irregular bottom and absence of zonula in that position. FO: without alterations. Is PHACO iris retractors anchored in iris and anterior capsule Cionni ring sutured scleral and intraocular len


The management of traumatic subluxation of lens depends on several factors such as integrity of the capsule and the hours extension of the zonular removed. In the case that we submitted with integrity of the capsule, which did not expect for the asymmetry of the lens, we performed surgery of subluxation of lens with ring Cionni and retractors to iris and anterior capsule. There is high risk of complication, we put a vitreous Chamber infusion cannula before surgery.

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