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Macular pigment optical density decreases and metamorphopsia increases in patients with early dry-age related macular degeneration

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First Author: U.U.Inan TURKEY

Co Author(s):    B. Kutluksaman   S. Inan   G. Yavas   M. Dogan   O. Polat   T. Kusbeci   0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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We aimed to determine metamorphopsia and macular pigment optical density (MPOD) objectively with aging in human eyes by comparing the dry age-related macula degeneration (dry AMD) (early and intermediate stage) and age-matched control subjects.


Kocatepe University Medical School Department of Ophthalmology


Eighty-six eyes of 43 patients with early stage AMD (intermediate or large drusen) and 62 eyes of 31 patients without any ocular abnormality and any macular pathology were included in the study. Full ophthalmic examinations of all cases were performed including intraocular pressure, best corrected visual acuity, biomicroscopic funduscopy, optical coherence tomography. All patients and control subjects underwent MPOD and methamorphosia testing by the electrophysiology device of Metrovision MonPack 2 . The patients under the micronutrition re-underwent the MPOD and metamorphopsia test 3 months later. Metamorphopsia were measured as 63 points (met 63 test) and 111 points (met111 test). Results were evaluated statistically between groups.


Mean age of 74 cases was 67.5 years (48-84 years). Mean MPOD of control and AMD groups were 4,76 dB and 2,81 dB. Mean values of met63 and met111 for AMD and control groups were 40,54%, 39,84% and 6,38%, 6,68%, respectively. Mean MPOD in eyes of female controls was 4.26 dB and 5.20 dB in male controls. Average value of met63 and met111 test was 2.71 % and 3.44% in female controls and 8.55% and 8.55 in male controls, respectively. Mean MPOD in eyes of female AMD subjects was 2.97 dB and 2.67 dB in male AMD subjects. Average value of met63 and met111 test was 44.2 % and 45.6% in female AMD subjects 36.9% and 34.2 in male AMD subjects. Dry AMD patients showed statistically significant decrease in MPOD and significant increase in metamorphopsia tests compared to age-matched healthy controls (p<0.05). Both MPOD and metamorphopsia tests showed decreasing and increasing trends respectively in every decade (related to aging) in both dry AMD and control groups. For cases undergoing micronutritional treatment, levels of MPOD, met63 and met111 tests were unchanged with differences of values being insignificant 3 months after the initial measurements.


Values of MPOD decreased and methamorphosia increased in dry AMD groups. Micronutritional treatment for 3 months did not improve these parameters. The measurement of MPOD and objective determination of methamorphopsia may be used for evaluation and follow-up of early AMD patients.

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