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Prevalence and pattern of age related maculopathy in a rural population in Nigeria

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First Author: O.Ibrahim NIGERIA

Co Author(s):    S. Oluleye                  0   0 0   0 0   0 0   0 0

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To determine the prevalence and pattern of age related maculopathy in adults aged 40 years and above in a rural population in Nigeria


The study was carried out in Ido, Oyo state, a rural population in South West Nigeria


A multistage random sampling method was used to select eligible individuals from fifteen settlements selected in the five wards of the local government. Each participant filled a structured questionnaire and subsequently had ocular examination. Fundus photographs of identified respondents with age related maculopathy were taken.


A total of 604 people aged 40 years and above constituted the population studied. Their mean age was 54 ± 1.1 years and the male to female ratio was 0.8:1. Fifty three (8.8%) respondents had age related maculopathy. Early age related maculopathy was seen in fifty two (8.6%) respondents while one (0.2%) respondent had late age related maculopathy. Drusen was seen in twenty (3.3%) respondents, retinal pigment epithelial abnormalities in 53(8.8%) respondents, one respondent (0.2%) had exudative age macular degeneration and no respondent had geographic atrophy. The prevalence of early age related maculopathy increased from 2.1% in those of 40-49 years of age to 24.0 % in those 80 years or older. Early age related maculopathy was more common in males than females. The characteristics associated with increased likelihood of having early age related maculopathy were being older than 70 years of age (p=0.002); being literate (p=0.001); living in the rural area (p=0.03) and being a retiree (p=0.02).


Age related maculopathy is not as rare in Nigerians as erroneously believed. Regular eye checks should be promoted among middle aged individuals for early diagnosis and treatment.

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