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Retinal detachment associated with coloboma of choroid-management strategies & outcome

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Session Title: Quick Fire Free Paper 1

Session Date/Time: Thursday 11/09/2014 | 08:00-10:00

Paper Time: 09:05

Venue: Boulevard D

First Author: : V.Agrawal INDIA

Co Author(s): :    K. Khilnani   R. Saini   A. Singh        

Abstract Details


To highlight the challenges posed by retinal detachment associated with choroidal coloboma and evaluate the management strategies


Department of Ophthalmology,SMS Medical College,Jaipur,India


8 eyes of eight patients with irido-fundal coloboma presented with total rhegmatogenous retinal detachment between 2012-2013.Mean age was 18 years .The visual acuity in all cases was Hand Movement close to face All cases underwent 23 G PPV with encirclage with silicone oil .Extensive hyaloids peeling over coloboma was done & PFCL was used. Final follow up was 6 months post silicone oil removal.


All patients had attached retina at the final follow up .The final visual acuity ranged from finger counting 3 meters to 6/18p depending on the location of coloboma.


Retinal detachments associated with coloboma presents unique challenges in terms of altered anatomy and difficult vitreo-retinal interface . Meticulous surgical technique with special attention to colobomatous area & its border with normal retina can yield excellent surgical outcomes.

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