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Brilliant blue G assisted macular surgery- the effect of longer retinal contact time on ILM staining

Session Details

Session Title: FP-16 Vitreoretinal Surgery IV

Session Date/Time: Sunday 14/09/2014 | 11:00-13:00

Paper Time: 11:16

Venue: Boulevard D

First Author: : Y.Totan TURKEY

Co Author(s): :    E. Güler   F.B. Gürağaç   E. Uzun   E. Doğdu     

Abstract Details


To evaluate the potential efficacy and safety of inner limiting membrane (ILM) staining with Brilliant blue G (BBG) under air for 2 minutes.


Turgut Özal University Medical Faculty Department of Ophthalmology


Sixty three patients, with macular hole or epiretinal membrane were evaluated prospectively. BBG was applied under air pressure in 38 patients (group 1), and injected into the vitreos cavity in 25 (group 2). Main outcome measures were the chromaticity difference between the stained ILM and the unstained underlying retina, anatomical-functional outcomes and complications of the surgery. Chromaticity difference was measured by an objective and quantitative analysis method to describe color contrast strengths as they are perceived by the human eye. Anatomical and functional outcomes were assessed using OCT, visual field analyses (VFA), and mfERG.


Objective chromaticity measurements showed a significantly superior contrast for group 1 than group 2. Visual acuity had increased in 24 eyes and remained stable in 14 eyes with cataract progression in group 1. In group 2, visual acuity had improved in 17 patients and remained unchanged in 8 patients with cataract progression. In both groups, preoperative mfERG values significantly improved at postoperative 3 months. Based on postoperative OCT anatomical success rate was 100%. During follow-up period, VFA demonstrated no cases of BBG toxicity.


BBG under air pressure for 2 minutes yields a significantly higher contrast staining and easy peeling of the ILM associated with anatomical and functional improvement and no clinical retinal toxicity after macular surgery.

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