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Relationship of choroid and retinal thickness in high myopes using enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography

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Session Title: Imaging III

Session Date/Time: Saturday 13/09/2014 | 14:30-16:00

Paper Time: 14:46

Venue: Boulevard C

First Author: : A.Sharma INDIA

Co Author(s): :    J. Sheth   M. RJ   V. N   S. SK   J. Patil  

Abstract Details


High myopia is a leading cause of visual deterioration. In an attempt to study the pathogenesis of macular vision loss in high myopia, choroidal thickness was measured with the help of enhanced depth imaging optical coherence tomography technique. Purpose of the study was to measure choroidal thickness (CT), central foveal thickness (CFT), Photoreceptor inner segment outer segment (PRISOS) length in high myopes


Lotus Eye Care Hospital and Institute, Coimbatore, TN, India


Images were obtained in highly myopic eyes (≥6 diopters [D]). CT, CFT and PRISOS length and their relationship along with variation of CT with age and refractive error were analyzed.


The mean age (86 eyes) was 24.4 years, and the mean refractive error was -9.5 D. The mean subfoveal CT was 204.4 µm and was correlated negatively with age (P<0.0001, r = - 0.452), refractive error (P<0.0001, r = -0.745) and visual acuity (P<0.0001, r = - 0.462). Regression analysis suggested that subfoveal CT decreased by 19.2 µm for each decade and by 13.7 µm for each D of myopia


Study analyzes relationship amongst the factors such as refractive error, age, subfoveal photoreceptor length (PRISOS), central foveal thickness (CFT), subfoveal choroidal thickness (CT) and visual acuity. All the above factors are well correlated (negatively) except CT with CFT and PRISOS .Study determines the change of choroid thickness with age and refractive error that may help us to understand complications of myopic progression and concludes that choroid in high myopes undergoes thinning with increasing age and myopia

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