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A comparative analysis of the efficacy of subthreshold micropulse 577-nm yellow laser versus 577 nm green laser for central serous chorioretinopathy

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Session Title: New Drug Treatment

Session Date/Time: Saturday 13/09/2014 | 14:30-16:30

Paper Time: 16:06

Venue: Boulevard F

First Author: : A.Rajendran INDIA

Co Author(s): :    V. TP   K. Ramasamy           

Abstract Details


To determine and compare the efficacy of subthreshold micropulse yellow laser (SMYL) with the standard 532 nm green laser (GL) in the treatment of central serous chorioretinopathy (CSCR).


A large tertiary retina in Southern India


The study was a comparative, interventional case series. Patients included were those with recurrent CSCR or CSCR persistent beyond 3 months and were treatment naïve. All patients underwent a clinical examination, spectral-domain (Spectralis) OCT,FFA, Autofluorescence (AF) at baseline and serial followup visits. Patients (SMYL group) who had undergone focal 577 nm SMYL with a 6-month followup ( July to December 2012) were compared with those (GL gp) who had undergone focal 532 nm Green laser with a 6-month followup in the preceding six months ( January to June 2012). Patients were administered focal subthreshold micropulse yellow laser (SMYL), the IQ 577nm laser -treatment parameters used were -100µm spot size, 5% Duty Cycle, 200ms duration. Preliminary test burns were used to ascertain the power at which a mildly visible (threshold) burn was obtained, a 50% reduction in value of which was used for therapy. Standard treatment with GL involved 50-100µm size, 100 ms laser spots.


Of the 39 patients in the study, 18 underwent 577nm SMYL and 21 underwent 532nm GL. 34 were males; the average age was 34.8 years. 16 (88.9%) in SMYL group and 18 (85.7%) in GL group had complete resolution of CSCR at the 6-month followup visit. Mean baseline LogMAR best corrected visual acuity (LCVA) in the SMYL group was 0.35 (SD:0.15) and in GL group, 0.41(SD:0.16) and the 2 groups showed no statistically significant difference(p=0.241). Mean 6mth LCVA in the SMYL group was 0.08 (SD:0.10) and in the GL group 0.15(SD:0.13),with an insignificant difference between the 2 (p=0.064). The mean LCVA improvements in both the groups were significant – SMYL (p=0.0003); GL (p=0.0002). A 3-line vision improvement was seen in 4(22.2%) SMYL; 3(14.3%) GL group. The mean baseline subretinal fluid was similar [SMYL-316.7 µm, GL-274.5 µm (p=0.622)]. More patients with final LCVA 6/6 were noted in SMYL group 11(61.1%) ; GL -8 (42.8%). Negligible AF laser spots were noted in the SMYL group.


Subthreshold Micropulse Yellow Laser ( 577 nm) is safe and efficacious in the treatment of persistent or recurrent CSCR. It compares favourably with the standard of care 532nm Green laser. SMYL had a significantly higher percentage of patients achieving 6/6 corrected vision at final followup and appears to have, on the basis of the low post-treatment AF, minimal tissue-destructive effects. It may be considered, hence, especially for patients with good baseline vision and subfoveal leaks.

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