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Intraocular helminthic infestation-presentation and management

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Session Title: Miscellaneous

Session Date/Time: Saturday 13/09/2014 | 11:00-13:00

Paper Time: 12:20

Venue: Boulevard E

First Author: : M.Barman INDIA

Co Author(s): :    H. Bhattacharjee   S. Deka   D. Das        

Abstract Details


To evaluate clinical presentation and management of cases of intraocular helminthic infestations.


Institution based retrospective, non-comparative, non-randomized, interventional case series of patients presenting to the Vitreo-Retina clinic of a tertiary care Ophthalmic centre with intraocular helminthic infestations from June 2007 till May 2012


24 eyes of 24 cases infested with intraocular helminthic parasite were evaluated. Details of the case sheets with surgical techniques were analysed.


Total number of cases were 24. Among these, 15 cases were infested with Toxoara canis, 6 with Cysticercosis, 1 with Gnathostoma, 1 case with Dirofilaria and 1 case with Thalazia. Among these, in the cases of Dirofilaria and Thalazia, live worms were found in the anterior chamber. In rest of the cases infestation was in the vitreous cavity, except one case with cysticercosis, where cyst was found in subretinal space. In the Toxocara cases, all the patients were children with average age 7.9 years. In all the cases one eye was affected. Among these, 9 cases presented as peripheral granuloma, 5 cases with posterior pole granuloma and one with endophthalmitis. All the cases were treated conservatively, except the one with endophthalmitis, where vitrectomy was done with unsatisfactory outcome. In the cases with live worm or cysts in the vitreous cavity, vitrectomy was done with complete removal of the live parasite and did well post-operatively without significant inflammation. In 1 case of subretinal cysticercosis, cyst was removed through trans-scleral approach. In the cases of worms in the anterior chamber, viscodelivery technique was used to remove the worms.


Parasitic zoonosis may affect any part of the eye and adnexa with varied presentation. Though intraocular helminthic infestation is not very common entity, yet it is prevalent in many parts of the world. There is no proper epidemiological data of these cases, as many of them remain unreported or undiagnosed. In this case series we intend to show the clinical and histological pictures along with different surgical techniques of parasite removal with video documentation.

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