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Cytological study of needle tip aspirates after intravitreal injection in rats

Session Details

Session Title: Vitreo Retinal Surgery I

Session Date/Time: Thursday 11/09/2014 | 08:00-10:00

Paper Time: 08:32

Venue: Auditorium

First Author: : L.Lytvynchuk UKRAINE

Co Author(s): :    A. Sergiienko   I. Savytska   G. Petrovski        

Abstract Details


To study needle tip content after intravitreal penetration on rats’ eyes with the use of cytological analysis.


To study cellular content of sharp ended needles after intravitreal penetration during intravitreal injections (IVI).


The study was conducted on 20 rats’s eyes (10 - IVI with 27 gauge needle, 10 - IVI with 30 gauge needle) of 10 white outbred rats (age 6 months, weight 600-800 g). Syringes of 1.0 cc were connected to the needles and preloaded with 0.02 cc of balanced salt solution (BSS). After transconjunctival intravitreal penetration into vitreous cavity through ciliary body area instead of injection aspiration of 0.01 cc of vitreous body was performed. Syringes with needles were withdrawn afterwards. Aspirated martial with BSS was evacuated through same needle onto glass slides where they were fixated and stained with azure-2-eosin. Histological analysis was performed with the use of microscope (Leica, Germany), magnification100 and 400 times.


Histological study of aspirates using 27 and 30 gauge needles has revealed cellular content in every case. Among most common cells in all aspirates there were conjunctival epithelium cells and crystalized vitreous specimens. In 17 aspirates there were ciliary body nonpigmented epithelium cells. In 11 aspirate there were indicated cells that resembled sclerocytes. In 1 case there was single retinal neuronal cell possibly as a sequence of iatrogenic trauma during IVI.


Transconjunctival IVI with the use of 27 and 30 gauge sharp ended needles has resulted in trauma of all layers of eyeball. That was confirmed by analysis of cellular content of needle tip after very penetration in which conjunctival epithelium, ciliary body nonpigmented epithelium and sclerocytes-like cells were found. Possible consequences of intravintreal reach of cellular content cut by sharp needle tip has to be considered.

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