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Optical coherence tomography findings in eyes with degenerative retinoschisis or old retinal detachment

Session Details

Session Title: Imaging II

Session Date/Time: Sunday 29/09/2013 | 08:00-10:00

Paper Time: 08:48

Venue: Hall G1 (Level 2)

First Author: K.Eibenberger AUSTRIA

Co Author(s):    S. Sacu   S. Rezar   W. B?hl   U. Schmidt-Erfurth     

Abstract Details


Degenerative retinoschisis (RS) can easily be confused with old retinal detachment (ORD). The differential diagnosis between RS and ORD is usually made on the basis of clinical examination. The present study aimed to evaluate the morphological findings of color fundus photographs and optical coherence tomography (OCT) scans in eyes with RS and ORD.


In this prospective observational case study, 18 eyes of 15 patients with peripheral RS or ORD were included. The study was performed at the Department of Ophthalmology and Optometry, Medical University of Vienna.


Apart from clinical examination, Heidelberg Spectralis OCT volume and single line scan using follow-up mapping and eye tracking method were performed and Optomap color fundus photograph was taken in each follow-up visit. Patients were followed-up until 3 months after initial visits.


Mean age of the patients was 54 ± 20 years. All patients showed similar appearance in the color fundus photograph images. Despite a peripheral localization, a Spectral OCT imaging was possible in all included patients. In OCT images, 8 eyes showed typical splitting in the outer nuclear layer/ outer plexiform layers whereas in 7 eyes, a full retinal detachment was observed. In the funduscopy or fundus photography image not detectable progression of the disease was observed in 2 eyes using follow-up mapping of Spectralis OCT.


The Spectralis OCT with follow-up mapping can provide helpful information regarding diagnosis and differentiation between RS and ORD and can be applied to indicate and monitor treatment modality s.a laser photocoagulation or surgery.

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