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Choroidal thickness changes after intravitreal dexamethasone implantation for macular edema in patients with retinal vein occlusion

Session Details

Session Title: Quick Fire Free Paper Session 04

Session Date/Time: Sunday 29/09/2013 | 11:00-13:00

Paper Time: 12:25

Venue: Hall C (Level 1)

First Author: C.Kucukerdonmez TURKEY

Co Author(s):    M. Zengin   S. Yilmaz   R. Avc?        

Abstract Details


To assess the choroidal thickness values before and after intravitreal dexamethasone implantation for macular edema secondary to branch (BRVO) or central retinal vein occlusion (CRVO)


Prospective, consecutive, interventional case series


12 eyes of 12 patients (8 female, 4 male) with macular edema secondary to BRVO and CRVO were included in the study. Patients having significant media opacities, epiretinal membrane, vitreomacular traction and history of any ocular surgery were excluded. All of the patients underwent a detailed ophthalmic examination, including macular and choroidal thickness measurements. Intravitreal dexamethasone (Ozurdex, Allergan, USA) implantation was performed in all eyes under subconjunctival anaesthesia under the operating microscope. Macular and choroidal thickness measurements were performed using a high-speed and high-resolution Fourier domain-OCT device (Optovue Inc., Fremont, CA,USA) at baseline, first and third months after injection. Second healthy eyes of the patients were evaluated as controls.


The mean age of patients was 62.9 ±13.5 years (range, 43-85). Eight eyes had BRVO and four eyes had CRVO. Mean baseline visual acuity (BCVA in logMAR) improved from 1.28±0.75 (range, 0.15-3.0) to 0.68±0.42 (range, 0.10-1.60), and the mean central macular thickness decreased from 628.7±135.5 µm (range, 408-810 µm) to 376.9±118.5µm (range, 226-575 µm) at post-operative first month (p1=0.0036, p2=0.0053, respectively). The baseline mean choroidal thickness was 233.7 ± 29.6µm (range, 187-273 µm) which was decreased to 227.4 ± 27.6 µm (range, 172-263 µm) after injection at first month (p=0.530). Also there was no significant choroidal thickness change at the end of third month (236 ±22.5µm, range, 204-280 µm, p=0.144).The mean choroidal thickness of the second eyes (controls) did not show any significant change before and after injection (p=0.184).


There was no significant choroidal thickness change after intravitreal dexamethasone implantation in patients with macular edema due to RVO. The findings of this preliminary study are needed to be evaluated in further studies.

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