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Imaging of reticular drusen by multi-spectral confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy imaging

Session Details

Session Title: AMD II

Session Date/Time: Friday 27/09/2013 | 08:00-10:00

Paper Time: 08:16

Venue: Hall 3 (Level 0)

First Author: J.Steinberg GERMANY

Co Author(s):    J. Auge   M. Fleckenstein   F. Holz   S. Schmitz-Valckenberg     

Abstract Details


To describe the characteristic signal distribution of reticular drusen (RDR) in MultiColor confocal scanning laser Ophthalmoscopy (cSLO) images.


Conventional fundus photography and multi-spectral cSLO (λ = 488 nm, λ = 514 nm, λ = 820 nm) imaging were retrospectively analysed in 39 eyes of 24 patients (mean age 77 years, range 54 to 90) with previously detected RDR by near-infrared cSLO imaging.


Signal alterations and the RDR area involvement in different modalities at the site of RDR were analysed and compared to each other.


RDR were detectable in 39 of 39 cSLO multi-spectral images showing an irregular pattern of greenish roundish individual lesions with a lime green center that corresponded to the halo-like appearance by cSLO near-infrared reflectance. In the blue and green reflectance modes alone, the center of single RDR lesions was characterized by a strong hyperreflectivity, surrounded by a weak interlacing pattern of hyper- and hyporeflectivity. The RDR area involvement and its boundaries varied in-between different cSLO reflectance modes and were best visible by near-infrared reflectance. No RDR lesions were detectable by blue reflectance in the center of the macula. Conventional fundus photography showed in 20 of 39 eyes RDR lesions.


Multi-spectral cSLO imaging allows for the detection of a characteristic pattern of RDR. The signal distribution is dependent from different reflectance modes. Analysis of different image modalities may be helpful for the further characterization of RDR and the morphological substrate.

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