VR Surgery in COVID

1. Should we be doing pneumatic retinopexy rather than more conventional vitrectomy or buckling surgery for retinal detachment?

2. How often should we see patients who have undergone a vitrectomy?

3. How should we examine patients who have undergone a vitrectomy?

4. Should we be doing more phako IOL vitrectomy and oil procedures to provide long term stability and quick rehabililtation?

5. Are phako and vitrectomy an aerosol generating procedure? Why does this matter?

6. Is there really a risk of catching COVID from an eye surgery generated aerosol?

7. What PPE is required for intraocular surgery?

8. What cases should continue to undergo VR surgery during the COVID pandemic?

9. Is macular hole surgery an urgent procedure?

10. Which diabetics should undergo VR surgery, they are at risk of COVID?

11. How long does the macula have to be off before the surgery? Can wait with the epi retinal membranes?

12. We are only doing 3 vitrectomies per 8 hour day because of PPE/Covid precautions Can we set up clean hospitals with lesser PPE requirements? How else could we speed up turn around?

13. What are the particular considerations regarding laser retinopexy?

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