MR Treatment protocols

1. Should we be treating fewer patients during the COVID pandemic?

2. Should we delay intravitreal injection for RVO/ DME? As required versus treat and extend anti-VEGF, swap to long acting steroid implants or even no treatment?

3. Should I do a PRP in one go in a diabetic patient?

4. Should we be using anti-VEGF instead of PRP laser in patients with newly diagnosed Proliferative Diabetic Retinopathy?

5. Should doctors doing PRP use a higher level of mask FFP2/FFP3? Laser rooms are small, the procedures take a long time and there is often poor ventilation.

6. Can we set up a production line virtual MR clinic?

7. Should we just do injections and no vision or OCT for MR patients on antiVEGF therapy?

8. How should we monitor patients treated with OZURDEX during the COVID 19 pandemic?

9. I usually do a fluorescein angiogram before commencing anti-VEGF therapy, should I no longer do this?

10. How might we set up a COVID clean higher volume treatment centre? How do you make sure that the patients going there are not asymptomatically infected?

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