Clinic organisation in COVID 19 Recovery Phase

1. Should we be screening patient’s case records and by phone a few days before a clinic appointment?

2. How do you socially distance an eye clinic? We usually have packed waiting rooms.

3. Does opening clinic and waiting room windows help?

4. Should we screen patients when they arrive at the clinic?

5. What if they say they have already had Covid-19

6. Should everyone have their temperature checked on arrival?

7. Do we advise patients to self-monitor and get in touch if they deteriorate badly?

8. How often should doctors be screened for COVID-19?

9. We have all but stopped activity. How do we get going again, is there a magic bullet that will let us go back to normal?

10. How have the Chinese and South Koreans organized their consultations, imaging etc… it is the country that has been most successful in managing this health crisis?

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