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Speakers’ Corner 8: Mixed Session IV Session

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16:00:00 M. Diab Saudi Arabia A predictive score for retinopathy of prematurity by using clinical risk factors and serum insulin-like growth factor-1 levels
16:05:00 S. Gedik Turkey Measurement of aqueous flare in patients with non-arteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy treated with systemic corticosteroid treatment
16:10:00 D. Misra India Retinal profile: a clinical indicator of severity in dengue fever in a suburban Indian environment
16:15:00 S. Szegedi Austria Measurement of flicker induced hyperaemia in retinal vessels and the optic nerve head using laser speckle flowgraphy
16:20:00 R. Coco-Martin Spain Clinical characterization and frequency of observation of hereditary retianal diseases. Multicentric study in Panama.
16:25:00 D. Butu United Kingdom Parameters of cone system function measured using a portable electroretinography device in patients with ABCA4 retinopathy with and without peripheral involvement as determined by ultra-widefield autofluorescence imaging
16:30:00 P. Udaondo Spain Anatomical and functional correlation of cronic central serous corioretinopathy
16:35:00 J. Gonzalez-Cortes Mexico Retinopathy due to antimalarial drugs. A perspective from a reference center in Northeast Mexico.
16:40:00 S.A. Kivanc Turkey Retinitis sclopetaria in a patient with multiple birdshot injury
16:45:00 M. Sanabria Spain Understanding the physiopathology of retinal arterial macroaneurysms through the optical coherence tomography angiography.
16:50:00 H. Qi China MicroPulse laser therapy as an adjunct to intravitreal combercept for diffuse diabetic macular edema
16:55:00 T. Qian China One-year outcomes of conbercept therapy for diffuse diabetic macular edema
17:00:00 M. Dogan Turkey One-year outcomes of intravitreal aflibercept injection for diabetic macular edema treatment in naive patients
17:05:00 R. Lejoyeux France Baseline predictive factors for bilateral retinal detachement
17:10:00 F. Okamoto Japan Open globe injuries in Japan
17:15:00 H. Hasebe Japan Postoperative changes of foveal hyper reflective lesion in OCT images of surgically closed macular hole.
17:20:00 A. Khudyakov Russian Federation The comparative analysis of surgical treatment of large macular holes with air and silicone oil tamponade

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