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Speakers’ Corner 2: Mixed Session I Session

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14:15:00 K. Mousavi Spain Effectiveness of Adalimumab for refractory Tubercular Serpiginous like Choroiditis in a patient with previously history of Eales´s disease
14:20:00 S. Parreira Portugal A case of bilateral intermediate uveitis secondary to Rickettsia Conorii infection
14:25:00 H. Adusumilli India Clinico - pathological correlation of subretinal drusenoid like deposits on fundus with renal biopsy findings in patients with chronic kidney disease of various etiologies
14:30:00 J. Simicak Czech Republic Identifying severe forms of ROP using WINROP algorithm in the Czech Republic (3-year follow up)
14:35:00 I. Wong Hong Kong Visual outcome correlates with retinal changes on baseline spectral-domain optical coherence tomography in diabetic macular edema
14:40:00 M. Lafuente Spain Combined treatment of intravitreal ranibizumab and oral supplementation with docosahexaenoic acid and antioxidants for diabetic macular edema: results at 36 months of a randomized controlled single-blind clinical trial
14:45:00 T. Shiraya Japan Correlation between anterior chamber flare changes and therapeutic effects of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor injections on diabetic macular edema
14:50:00 N. Jayawickrema Sri Lanka Cilioretinal artery occlusion in a previously healthy adolescent diagnosed with infective endocarditis
14:55:00 A. Zolotarev Russian Federation Personalized threshold laser photocoagulation for DME treatment.
15:00:00 S. Vasudevan India Unheeded FCEs (Focal choroidal Excavations) in Recurrent CSC
15:05:00 S. Vasudevan India Sub threshold Micropulse Laser therapy : ? new skimp for the treatment of Chronic CSC
15:10:00 I. Ksiaa Tunisia Serous macular detachment complicating optic disc coloboma
15:15:00 M. Peralta Gomez Mexico 1114/5000 Hypertensive choroidopathy secondary to proliferative membranous glomerulonephritis.
15:20:00 M. Jimenez Santos Spain Repeatability and reproducibility of macular retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and ganglion-cell layer thickness measurements using spectral domain optical coherence tomography in a healthy pediatric population
15:25:00 S. Sharma United Kingdom Audit of clinical outcomes for Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT) in non-treatment naïve patients with Glaucoma/Ocular Hypertension (OHT)
15:30:00 R. Shah India Bio similar ranibizumab ( razumab) in retinopathy of prematurity
15:35:00 D. Dobovsek Divjak Slovenia Six-month outcome of intravitreal anti-VEGF injections for treatment of myopic choroidal neovascularization

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