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Free Paper Session 8: AMD II Session

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11:00:00 I. Mantel Switzerland The clinical and imaging spectrum of peripheral exudative hemorrhagic chorioretinopathy
11:06:00 M. Ohji Japan Two different treat-and-extend dosing regimens of intravitreal aflibercept in Japanese patients with wet age-related macular degeneration: 96-week results of the ALTAIR study
11:12:00 P. Mitchell Australia Efficacy of intravitreal aflibercept administered using treatandextend regimen over 2 years in patients with neovascular agerelated macular degeneration: baseline characteristics of ARIES
11:18:00 M. Dalalishvili Russian Federation Differential diagnostics of reticular pseudodruses based on modern research methods
11:24:00 J. Marques Portugal Validation of the RetmarkerAMD software for the grading of AMD
11:30:00 D. Barthelmes Switzerland Incidence and outcomes of infectious and noninfectious endophthalmitis after intravitreal injections for agerelated macular degeneration
11:36:00 R. Guymer Australia Tolerating subretinal fluid in the treatment of neovascular agerelated macular degeneration with ranibizumab using a treat and extend regimen: 24 month results from the randomised, multicentre, single masked FLUID study
11:42:00 A. Invernizzi Italy Type 3 neovascularization (retinal angiomatous proliferation) treated with antivascular endothelial growth factor: real world outcomes at 24 months
11:48:00 R. Strauss Austria Progression of Stargardt disease as measured by spectraldomain optical coherence tomography (SDOCT) in the ProgStar Study
11:54:00 A. Dirani Canada Longterm visual outcomes for a treat and extend antivascular endothelial growth factor regimen in eyes with neovascular agerelated macular degeneration: Up to nineyear follow up
12:06:00 R. Perrott-Reynolds United Kingdom OCT Angiography: Real world experience in neovascular AMD new patient clinic using the topcon DRI OCT triton
12:12:00 M. Nelson United States Chronic central serous retinopathy (CSR) and type 1 occult neovascularization
12:18:00 L. Lima Brazil Bevacizumab injection in patients with neovascular agerelated macular degeneration increases angiogenic biomarkers

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